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A talented Creative Media student has impressed board members of a Bury company with a high-quality industry standard promotional video.

Xander Ross is delighted to have his work recognised by Healthwatch Bury after creating a promotional video which showcases one of the company’s workstreams and the help and support they can offer people in the community.

Healthwatch Bury first approached Bury College with a brief to produce a video which could be utilised on their website and shared across their social media platforms. Xander accepted the brief and spent weeks identifying the demographic audience, researching statistics and conducting surveys.

Once Xander had completed the background research, the student, who is also dual enrolled at both Bury College and Rossendale Sixth Form,  then worked exceptionally hard to direct the film, choose music, source stock footage and film interviews.

Healthwatch Bury were so delighted with the final video edit that they visited Xander to present him with an award to celebrate and recognise his hardwork.

Barbara Barlow, Healthwatch Bury Chairman, said, “The video that Xander has created is brilliant and is an honest representation of the work Healthwatch Bury become involved in.”

17-year-old Xander was delighted that his video was so well received and that it has been used on Healthwatch Bury’s digital platform. Xander said, “I really enjoyed this work experience opportunity and it was great that I could work on a live brief. I enjoyed meeting and working with new people, carrying out research and filming and producing the final film.”

Paul Howarth, Bury College Work Experience Placement Coordinator, who helped to coordinate the filming opportunity added, “The level of maturity, independence and resilience that Xander displayed throughout the filming process was brilliant. I am in awe of what he has produced.”

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